Instead of the traditional frontal teaching, we have a different approach in which the student is the main protagonist, filling a very active role.

Our system could be summarized as follows:

Modern theorists believe language is properly developed in the circumstances that demand it. For example, you learn Chinese best if you are in China, and French if you are in France – what is called immersion. This is in part because we use language best when we need it most.

But the main reason that immersión is so important is that the environment acts as training wheels when learning to speak and to understand a language; We use language to communicate, yes. But we also use our entire bodies, the place we are located, and whatever equipment we find that will help us get our point across. When language occurs without that sort of supporting information, it is much harder to learn.

That’s why our teaching program was designed the way it is and that is why we call it “Experience Spain, at Malaga to Go!

Por todo ello, podemos decir …

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