Picasso Museum

“You cannot come to Malaga and miss the great and divers works of one great artist”.

  • Wonderful building, it is a work of art in itself!
  • Don’t miss the nice bookstore and awe-insparing gardens, wonderful atmosfere.

Official website: Picasso Museum

Carmen Thyssen Museum

Delightful small gallery.

  • “The key genres of Spanish painting / a special mention for the Andalusian authors!”
  • Housed in the outstanding mid-sixteenth Villalón Palace around a central courtyard.
  • Lovely paintings of Spanish life.

Official Website: Carmen Thyssen Museum

Center for Contempory Art

Truly impressive

  • Modern Art in Málaga.
  • Interesting exhibitions by known and local artists.
  • Glass/mirror hanging multi faceted sculpture. Astounding art!

CAC Official Website

Other museums of interest:

  • Vine Museum.
  • Picassos’Birthplace Museum.
  • Museo Automovilístico.
  • Museum of Arts and Popular Traditions.
  • Glass Museum.
  • Interactive Music Museum.
  • Alborania Museum. Maritime Learning Centre.
  • Flamenco Art Museum Juan Breva Group.

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