¿Who is this course for?

If you want to improve your general Spanish and be free on weekday mornings this is the course for you. We sub-divide levels so that you are placed in a class with other students at the same level as you, and will test your Spanish level on arrival at the school.


Intensive Malaga To Go Learning Program has 15 lessons per week, allowing you free time for self-study, or to explore Málaga or Fuengirola.

Intensive Learning  Program

1 week

165 €

2 weeks

280 €

3 weeks

385 €

4 weeks

495 €

6 weeks

765 €

8 weeks

945 €

Extra week

145 €


15 classes a week
50 minutes classes


All levels included

Course Objetives

On completing this course you will have:

increased your oral fluency

learned “real” Spanish using the latest course books and materials such as videos, newspapers and the internet

widened your range of active vocabulary

developed better listening skills

improved your writing, pronunciation and reading

developed learning strategies for the future

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