1. Enrolment

In order to enrol please send the enrolment form to Málaga To Go Learning Spanish to our email address malagatogo@malagatogo.com

The enrolment will be valid after it has been confirmed by the school.

2. Age

For the adult programmes, the students must be 16 years old. Younger students can attend a course if they go with an adult.

3. Confirmation

As soon as the school receives the application form, the student will receive a confirmation by e-mail with the description of the contracted course and an invoice with the total amount.

4. Deposit and Payment

For the reservation of the course, students have to send 50 € as an enrolment fee, a deposit of 55 € for the course and 55 € for the accommodation (the expenses for bank commissions should be covered by the student). In the case of living with a family or mini-apartment the deposit is half of the total cost of accommodation.

The full payment after deducting the deposit must be made the first day of classes if it has not been made previously.

The deposit could be made by credit card, bank transfer or Postal Money Order (Giro). The data to make the payment are:

Titular de la cuenta: Cecilio del Peso García

Nombre del banco: “Unicaja”

Dirección del banco: Av. Dr. Gálvez Ginachero, 23, 29009, Málaga (Spain).

Número de cuenta: 2103 2050 91 0040002072

IBAN: IBAN ES37 2103 2050 91 0040002072 (account number for foreign bank transfer)


It is indispensable to state as purpose of your money transfer the participant’s name , the course name and the date you join the course.

The official prices published on the school web page, refer to the natural year.

5. Tuition and class size.

The schedules for tuition can be either in the morning or in the afternoon depending exclusively on the school’s academic programming and the course type (intensive, super-intensive, combined, etc.).

The maximum number of students per group is 10. The school reserves the possibility of increases of up to 12 students in cases of organizational necessity and for a limited period of time. No classes will be held on public holidays.

6. Exam

Every student has to fill in a placement test in order to find out which level/needs to attend. There are two possibilities:

  • Test on-line: avaliable on our website.
  • Level Determining Examination: first day of class (at the beginning of the course).

7. Certificate

When the cousrse ends, students that have attended regularly showing interest and a good attitude will receibe a certificate in which will be specified the number of hours of the course and the level worked and acquired.

Students have when their course finish the possibility to present themselves to an exam in order to obtain the Malaga To Go Diploma.

8. Insurance

Students are not insured by Málaga To Go or the host family against illness, accident, theft or any loss of personal effects. We cannot accept responsibility for any accidents during the course, on excursions or group activities. We would advise students to obtain necessary information about medical insurance in their own country. The school recommends obtaining cancellation and repatriation insurance. The student can purchase a student’s insurance policy from the school.

9. Días festivos

On plublic holidays there is not class. The oficial calendar with the public holidays is published on our website: malagatogo.com

10. Accommodation

Accommodations are booked from the day before course commencement until 12 a.m. of the day after the course ends. In case of an early arrival or a late departure, accommodation – if available- will be charged prorated. No refunds will be made in case of later incorporation to the accommodation booked or earlier departure.

The student is responsible for the cleaning (private room and common areas), any damages to the apartment, appliances, furniture or other persons. The student has to pay a deposit of 80 €, this amount is refunded at the end of the course, providing that the rooms and their contents are in comparable condition to move-in. The school will do its best to guarantee the closeness of the accommodation to the school. The accommodation is individual; the student is not able to share their room with other people whether they are friends, family members or any other person.

11. Cancellations

An enrolment may only be cancelled by writing to the school. The date printed on the e-mail or post office sign will determine the date of the cancellation.
If the enrolment is cancelled more than three weeks before the course begins, only the deposit is forfeited. In case of later cancellation the students will receive a 50% refund of course fees less the deposit and accommodation fees paid. Should a student withdraw before the end of the booked course, no refunds of any kind will be made.

12. Applicable law, Jurisdiction

Spanish law shall be exclusively applied to the present regulations. Malaga – Spain is stipulated as the place of jurisdiction.

13. Amendments

This code of practice comes into effect from the 01 January 2015.

14. Acceptance

The participation of the student in the programs of the school means that either the students themselves, or their parents or tutors, in the case of students below the age of eighteen, are informed of the general conditions and accept them in all their totality and spirit. I hereby accept the above conditions.

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