Málaga is a Mediterranean bustling city with a population of about 600,000 inhabitants and a diverse cultural offer including top quality museums and an outstanding programme of cultural activities (theatre, concerts, film festivals, dance…)

In addition to the Phoenicians who founded the ancient city of Málaga more than 3000 years ago, Romans, Muslims and Christians left their imprint on this coastal city; thus, the vibrant city of Málaga is home to a Roman Theatre, an Alcazaba, the Castle of Gibralfaro, a Cathedral, the Customs Palace and a wealth of archaeological heritage lying underground.

With the Picasso Museum, the recently opened ¨Cube¨ in the harbour, which houses a branch of the Paris based Centre Pompidou, and a flourishing art scene, Malaga is beginning to really put its name on the global map.

With us in Malaga To Go Learning Spanish, you will visit and enjoy with our teachers and fellow students, most of its outstanding icons while you learn and practice the Spanish language being immersed in the beauty of these places.

Málaga, Pablo Picasso’s birthplace and the gateway to the Costa del Sol, has recently been hailed as the second top city to visit in 2015 by Rough Guides since in a literal translation of the Guide this beautiful Andalusian port is in the midst of a booming cultural revival.

For the full Rough Guides 2015 listing, log on to http://www.roughguides.com/best-places/2015/

Historical Monuments

The Alcazaba: "Little Alhambra"

Alcazaba de Málaga - Málaga To GoGoing to Malaga and being overawed by its famous Alcazaba come together.

Walking around its pathways you will feel transported by your own excitement to another world of magic and mystery almost listening to the Muslims’ footsteps echo while they were living in this amazing citadel.

It was the palace-fortress of the city’s governing Muslims. Against the hillside of the mount of Gibralfaro, it was constructed in the XI century on the ruins of another Roman bastion. It consists of 110 main towers and some smaller ones. The Torre del Homenaje deserves special attention.

You will be able to enjoy breathtaking views of Málaga being surrounded by beautiful towers, with original marble columns or a cool drink in a pleasant cafe half way up to the palace.

The Alcazaba “the beautifully preserved moorish fort and palace” and a labyrinth of mystery.

The Catedral: "La Manquita"

Catedral de Málaga - Málaga To GoThis imposing building, combining different styles, is breathtaking and fascinating. It is nicknamed “La Manquita” “The One-Armed Lady” by locals, as one of its towers is unfinished. However, this does not mar or spoil the beauty and sheer size of one of the most valuable Renaissance jewels of Andalucía.

Amazing Cathedral!

Gibralfaro Castle: Wow, what a view!

Málaga desde el Castillo de Gibralfaro - Málaga To GoThe old site contained a Phoenician lighthouse, that gives its name to the hill Gibralfaro (Jbel-Faro is mountain of light).

The fortress was enlarged and converted into a castle to house the troops and protect the Alcazaba.

Today the castle is open to visit .The climb up is great exercise and the view gets better and better as you reach the top. Its real lure is the amazing 360 degree views of Málaga and surrounding area. The city and harbour views walking around the walls at the summit are breathtaking.

From this amazing platform, you will be able to take beautiful Málaga photos!

Roman Theatre: "Outstanding old Roman Structure"

Teatro Romano de Málaga, con la Alcazaba al fondo

The oldest monument in Málaga!

El Teatro Romano (Roman Theatre) was built in the first Century BC. It is the oldest monument in Malaga and located right at the foot of the beautiful Alcazaba.

To your delight you can really enter the theatre! Choose a seat in the above section and feel like a roman. Take your time, dream and relax in this unique site thinking about ancient Rome and the performances that will have taken place in this amazing structure. You have to imagine that you are in the middle of Malaga and the theatre is now part of this wonderful city with plenty of history.

Seat in the theatre and feel like a roman!

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