Visita a Córdoba - Málaga To Go

This magical city has been given the status of World Heritage Site. There is a harmonic beautiful dance between all different cultures that lived in this historical place throughout the centuries. Very few cities in the world have been both, Hispania Ulterior and Caliphate de los Omeyas capital.

All around Cordoba you will find beautiful scenery, in which to wander aimlessly around the winding streets, search out the “patios” (interior courtyards, typical of Andalusian houses) and discover the squares around the Mezquita, its most outstanding icon.

Discover the magnificence of this astonishing city whose legacy gave us prominent people such as: Séneca or Averroes and that aspires to become in 2016 European Capital of Culture.

View the video below to learn more about Córdoba:

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